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Prepaid Plan(Domestic Rental Service)
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What is the Prepaid Plan?

You can make calls and send E-mail within amount of your charge. Don't worry about exceeding the limit!
You can recieve a call even if there is no prepaid amount.
The prepaid amount has already been charged in advance into your phone.


Rental Fees

Prepaid S Type
You can use it Max 10days.
3000JPYprepaid amount is included.
You can e-mail.
You can make an international call.
Incoming calls are free.
Rental Fee:
6,500 JPY
Prepaid M Type
You can use it Max 20days.
3000JPYprepaid amount is included.
You can e-mail.
You can make an international call.
Incoming calls are free.
Rental Fee:
9,500 JPY
Prepaid L Type
You can use it Max 30days.
3000JPYprepaid amount is included.
You can e-mail.
You can make an international call.
Incoming calls are free.
Rental Fee:
12,500 JPY
*The rental time is completely per pack.
e.g. If you are using a prepaid phone for 40 days: L Pack 12,500 JPY + S Pack 6,500 JPY = 19,000 JPY (includes 6000 JPY amount of prepaid)
*About 30JPY will be deducted from the charge amount as a Universal Service Fee.
*The postage fee(1000 JPY)will be necessary.

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Telephone Call / Email Fees

Call Rates

Domestic Calls: 8.58 JPY/6 sec. (incoming calls are free)
International Calls: please refer to >> Softbank International Phone Rates

Mail Rates

Sending Rate

Unlimited Mail *1 286 JPY
Up to 30 days.It will be automatically updated. *2

Receiving Rate

No charge *3

*1 Application required.
*2 If there are less than ¥310 JPY amount of prepaid at the moment of automatic update, the unlimited mail service will be cancelled. If you want to continue unlimited mail
service in that case, please recharge the prepaid card and make an application again by yourself. When you do so, your mail address will be changed. So please contact
us if you need to confirm new one.
*3 Receiving SMS requires a subscription to Unlimited Mail.For details, see the SoftBank 3G Prepaid Service Guide.

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Other Options and Fees

item price Subscription
Damage Insurance
100 JPY/
300 JPY

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What is Damage Insurance?

Guarantee for Damage / loss of device.
*automatically updated every 1 days.

Extra Battery 200 JPY/phone day(s)

Price cap:4000 JPY/30 days
(31 days, 4000 JPY + 200 JPY=4200 JPY)>
*The recharger is included in the kit.

Postage fee 1,000 JPY/phone once

If delivery destination is Hokkaido, Okinawa or other isolated islands, the delivery fee will be 1.5 times.
*Delivery to Okinawa, isolated islands will be delayed up to about 10days.
If you can pick up at other location,we recommend it.

Airport Delivery 800 JPY/phone once

Narita, Haneda, Kansai International and Chubu International Airports
※Pick up here.

Express Delivery 300 JPY/order once

Phone is delivered no later than 10 a.m.
※This service cannot be used with Airport Delivery.

Advance Notification Of Number

No charge up to 1 weeks before receipt of phone. For notifications of earlier than 1 weeks before receipt, there will be an another charge. Please consult our staff. We cannot give advance notification of e-mail addresses.

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Web Quotation

Model, Rental period, Pick up

Prepaid Plan

Pick up location ※1
※1 Pick up at Airport: 1,800 JPY / Accomodation: 1,000 JPY / Accomodation(Hokkaido/Okinawa): 1,500 JPY
※2 Express Delivery service cannot be used with Airport Delivery.


Damage insurance(1kit/1day(s))
JPY prepaid amount is included/ unit , day(s) JPY(Tax excluded)
Total JPY(Tax included)

▲Prepaid Plan Rental Fees


Your phone can be recharged through Softbank Prepaid Cards
*When you use up the all prepaid amount, you will not be able to make calls. You can recieve calls in that case though.
※When recharging, approximately 30JPY will be deducted as a Universal Service Fee.
If you expect that you’ll exceed the initial amount of charge, we recommend that you purchase an additional card when you fill out the original application.
*Cards are sold only in 3000 JPY units.

To Make an International Call

010 ⇒ Country Code ⇒ Area Code ⇒ Number you wish to call
*For area codes that begin with “0”, please omit the “0” and press the rest of the area code. However, when calling England, pressing “0” will be necessary.


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