PuPuRu provide rental cell phone and pocket WiFi at reasonable cost. Please use our service when you visit / come back to Japan!

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①Flat rate: You can enjoy internet without data limit.
②Easy procedure: Order online, Pick up at airport, return via post.
③English support: Our staffs support you in English

Key Feature

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Easy to use

Japan Wi-Fi Rental Service Pocket WiFi LTE

You can use WiFi right away you pick it up.
Our WiFi will provide you internet connection up to 12 hours.
Once it get connected,
you can use internet as much as you need during all day tour.

Better travel experience

Japan Wi-Fi Rental Service Pocket WiFi LTE

Sharing your experience on twitter or facebook twitter facebook,
searching for local restaurants or souvenir shops and checking google map for how to go theregooglemap,
talking with your family with skype or line skype line.
The choice is yours.

Japan Wi-Fi Rental ServiceGreat compatibility

Pocket WiFi LTE

It works with any WiFi enabled device no matter if your device is not Japanese product. You can enjoy internet with your own iPhone, iPad, Android or laptop.

Rental Models - Pick up Date must be 3 (or more) days after today -

▼Web Quotation

Question or within 2 days pick up from today, please send us email.pupuru rental wifi japan contact

PuPuRu's Recommendation!PuPuRu's Recommendation!

[E-mobile] Pocket WiFi LTE GL06P
■Rental fee

400 JPY / day

※In case GL06P is out of stock, we may offer GL04P.
■Long term connectivity
with large capacity battery

Mounting large 3,560mAh capacity battery It supply you
12 hours of connectivity!
you can use it outside without worrying about recharging.
This business card sized device is easy to carry,
it can be shared with 10 devices.
It uses LTE connection,
so you can use great capacity of data; watching movie on streaming,
post photo or movies on facebook or online game without any stress.

■Data usage


■With 10 GB a month, you can do these things.

Email: 2,000,000
Web brousing: 72,300 pages
Watching movies: 45 hours
Download music: 2,500 songs
Download apps(50MB): 200 apps

■You can do these things a day.

Email: 66,000
Web brousing: 2,410 pages
Watching movies: 1.5 hours
Download music: 80 songs
Download apps(50MB): 6 apps

※If you will use heavy data like video chat or movie streaming, we recommend au device.
■Coverage area

▼ here(Japanese Website)
Refer to the map

■Communication speed

Down : UP / 75Mbps : 25Mbps

WiFi Router Plan FAQ

PuPuRu's Recommendation!For heavy data!

■Rental fee

1000 JPY / day

■No data limit "4G LTE" device.

With this device, you can enjoy LTE internet without any data limit.
Using 800MHz bandwidth it covers most of area, you can be connected even on Mt. Fuji.
The battery is also good as it lasts 9 hours on LTE connection.
For tours in suburbs or big data usage like iCloud, this device is highly recommended.

■Data usage


※for au WiFi device, when you reach 7GB of original data limit, we pay extra data fees.
■Coverage area

▼ here(Japanese Website)
4G LTE 800MHz area
4G LTE / 3G area
Covered airports(4G LTE・3G)
Covered bullet trains(Shinkansen)(4G LTE・3G)
Covered onsen resorts(4G LTE・3G)
Covered castles(4G LTE・3G)
Covered subways(4G LTE・3G)
Covered campsites(4G LTE・3G)
Covered universities(4G LTE・3G)
Covered rest area(4G LTE・3G)
Covered shopping malls(4G LTE・3G)
Covered underground malls(4G LTE・3G)

■Communication speed

Down : UP(LTE) / 75Mbps : 25Mbps
Down : UP(3G)  / 9.2Mbps : 5.5Mbps

WiFi Router Plan FAQ

*You need to decide rental period when you order.
*Pick up date is first rental date. Return date is final rental date.
*One time handling charge of 1,500JPY/kit(s) will be necessary.
*This service is available only in Japan.
*Please refer to here for FAQs.

▼Web Quotation

Other Options and Fees

item price Subscription
Damage Insurance
100 JPY/
300 JPY

▼ Click here for detail
What is Damage Insurance?

Guarantee for Damage / loss of device.
*automatically updated every 1 days.

External Battery 200 JPY/kit day(s)

Price cap:4000 JPY/30 days
(31 days, 4000 JPY+200 JPY=4200 JPY)

Cellphone bundle option 2,000 JPY/
once /30 days

This option includes (1) cellphone/PocketWiFi device.
This option is recommend for those who will need to make phone calls.
*Automatic updates every 30 days.
*Call fee and packet fee will be charged based on your usage. Please check here for details
*The phone device will be that of our basic plan.You cannot choose any particular model.

Express Delivery 300 JPY/order once

Phone is delivered no later than 10 a.m.
※This service cannot be used with Airport Delivery.

▼Web Quotation

Postage Fee

Accommodation Delivery*1 1,000 JPY/Device
We deliver device(s) to your accommodation.
Airport Delivery 1,800 JPY/Device
※Airport Delivery information here.
*1 You can choose delivery time 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18-20 and 20-21.
If you would like to pick up before 10, you need to choose Express Delivery option that is 300 JPY.
If delivery destination is Hokkaido, Okinawa or other isolated islands, the delivery fee will be 1.5 times higher than normal Accommodation Delivery.
*Delivery to Okinawa, isolated islands will be delayed up to about 10days.
If you can pick up at other location,we recommend that way.

Web Quotation

Model, Rental period, Pick up

Pick up location ※1
※1 Pick up at Airport: 1,800 JPY / Accomodation: 1,000 JPY / Accomodation(Hokkaido/Okinawa): 1,500 JPY
※2 Express Delivery service cannot be used with Airport Delivery.


※One time handling charge of 1,500JPY/kit(s) will be necessary.
For days rental, JPY(Tax excluded)
Total JPY(Tax included)

▲Rental Models

Airport Pick Up Place

Airport 1st
Airport Delivery(NARITA Airport 1st Terminal)
Airport 2nd
Airport Delivery(NARITA Airport 1st Terminal)

Pocket WiFi LTE You need an advance order, if you would like to pick up at an airport.

Pocket WiFi LTE Airport counter is just for pick up, you cannot return, make contract, pay fees there.

▼ Other Airports

How to Return

PuPuRu provide rental cell phone and pocket WiFi - rental wifi return -

Pocket WiFi LTE The return process is easy.

Order via the Internet, Deliver to your place, Return via post box.

Package Contents

wifi rental japan

①WiFi Device(GL06P or L09C)
③Battery Charger
④USB cable
⑤Return envelope

How to Order


Pocket WiFi LTE The order process is easy.

Pocket WiFi LTE You can get powerful WiFi device with easy online application.

▼ Click here for detail

WiFi Router Plan FAQ

▲Rental Models


The nature and conditions of the signal will change from hour to hour.
It will become difficult to use when the signal conditions are weak or disrupted.
Depending on the location of surrounded mountains or buildings, it may be difficult to catch a signal.
Please note that the communication speed may be slow due to Internet congestion and the environment. The indicated communication speed is working at its best ability.
Some software cannot be used:
1)File sharing software like P2P(Winny,WinMX,Share etc).
To prevent SPAM mail, ‘OP25B’ is used in each device.
You cannot send emails if your mail transmit port is ‘25’. You will need to choose another port.
Please inquire with your own mail service provider about port settings.
This device can only be used in Japan.
For au WiFi device, when you reach 7GB of original data limit, we pay extra data fees.
*1 In the "EMOBILE LTE" area, the maximum communication speed is Down:75Mbps and Up:25Mbps.(For both Down and Up, available in compartment area.). In the "EMOBILE G4" area, the maximum communication speed is Down:42Mbps and Up:5,8Mbps.(For both Down and Up, available in compartment area.). For the detailed service area please confirm on the EMOBILE website(http://emobile.jp/area/) or ask our staff. Communication standard of device is Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g/n). The maximum communication speed is best effort and we do not guarantee it as effective speed. communication speed will be changed due to Internet congestion and environment.
*2 There are some cases it takes much time to deliver. If your pick up location is Hokkaido, Okinawa, other isolated island and some suburbs area, you need to apply 3 or more days before. Please ask us for the details.

▲Rental Models

Phone +81-3-3560-9566

Inquiry on Skype
Available 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m.
(Japan time)
We are closed on
Saturdays and Sundays
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