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Smart Phone Rental Plan

Libero Softbank 003Z (in Japan only)

OS Android 2.2
Display 3.5inch (800×480)
Camara 5 megapixel(CMOS)
Connection Softbank 3G

Need Smart Phone abroad ?

You can choose the language. Japanese, English, or Chinese.
You can access to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter easily.
Able to get the up-to-the minute information of weather, news, and traffic.
You can install your favorite applications.

Rental fees

Rental fee

\399 / day

Basic fee \1,575 / phone
ex) for 10 days within the same month ⇒[\105/day × 10days]+[Basic fee \1,575]+[Unlimited usage of internet \6,300]=[8,925円]

* The postage fee(JPY1050)will be necessary.

Telephone Call / Email Fees

Domestic calls

to send : \42 / 30sec
to receive : free

* Call charge is FREE between Softbank phones. (Bet 1am - 9pm only)

PuPuRu International Calls
* tax exemption
* applying is unnecessary

America/China:\57 / min.
Austlaria: \90 / min.
to receive: free

* Charges are at 6-second intervals.

>> International Rate Chart

Unlimited usage of

\7,350 / month

* Mandatory Subscription

International SMS
* tax exemption

\200 / copy

* You can use a local cellphone abroad to send text messages.

Other Options and Fees

Option Fee Details
Damage Insurance \1,050 / phone general and water damage: 90% compensats. / loss and theft: 50% compensats.
* a police report is required to be handed in
* automatic updates every 30 days
* for those uninsured, the cost of the phone will be \52,500 while the charger \3,150
Airport Delivery \840 / phone Narita, Haneda, Kansai International and Chubu International Airports   ※Pick up here.
Express Delivery \315 / order phone is delivered no later than 10 a.m. cannot be used with Airport Delivery
Notification Of
No charge up to 1 weeks before receipt of phone. For notifications of earlier than 1 weeks before receipt, there
will be an another charge. Please consult our staff. We cannot give advance notification of e-mail addresses.


Bundled thing
・Libero 003Z
・microUSB cable
・AC Adapter
・We may charge the price of rental smart phone if our rental smart phone has vandalized such as install Custom ROM.
・Please backup the application which has installed before you return it to us. We initialaize and reset everything.
・We may not able to support how to install applications or operating instructions.
・The rental charge does not include micro SD card. Please prepare by yourself.
・This plan can not issue a specification. Please be forewarned.
・It is possible to use it only in Japan.
Phone +81-52-957-1801

Inquiry on Skype
Available 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m.
(Japan time)
We are closed on
Saturdays and Sundays
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rental wifi japan pupuru's blog