PuPuRu provide rental cell phone and pocket WiFi at reasonable cost. Please use our service when you visit / come back to Japan! Deliver to your place in Japan, hotels, airport counters, etc.

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PuPuRu's Customer Reviews from Pinterest

PuPuRu International Co., Ltd.|株式会社ププルインターナショナル さんの Pinterest ボード「Thank you so much for introducing our service:)」をフォローしましょう。

PuPuRu | Customer Reviews | Mobile phones and WiFi during your Japan trip

Very good service, useful for my trip to JAPAN.
Male/22 years old British 【Prepaid Plan
The 2 ladies are delightfully helpful. The phone was OK but the SMS is too short and couldn't send any most numbers.
Male/58 years old USA 【Basic Plan
A very good phone. Worked very well.
Female/52 years old German 【Basic Plan
Worked well, made things easier!
Male Canada【Basic Plan
It's very good service.
Female/27 years old Thai【au Wi-Fi WALKER LTE | WiFi Router Rental Plan
Pupuru wifi is great and reasonable cost.
Male/25 years old Singapore【Y!mobile(emobile) Pocket WiFi LTE GL06P | WiFi Router Rental Plan

How to Rent Pocket Wi-Fi

PuPuRu Mobile Phone Rental Plan

Basic Plan
This domestic cellphone rental service requires you to pay
only for the amount you used to call or e-mail afterwards.
Prepaid Plan
This service only requires you to use just the pre-charged
amount in your phone.
テザリング Plan
Tethering function included!
The power of two device in one!
Phone +81-3-3560-9566

Skype ID:pupuru_international
Inquiry on Skype
Available 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m.
(Japan time)
We are closed on
Saturdays and Sundays
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