PuPuRu provide rental cell phone and pocket WiFi at reasonable cost. Please use our service when you visit / come back to Japan!

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Order Guide

By Internet(Please use the online application form
By Phone
None of us will be able to answer your phone from
6:30pm until 9:30am in Japan local time due to our office time.
By Fax(Please download and use the appropriate application form
※You can apply at our reception counters.
※For WiFi customer only
*For Wifi rental customers, please note that with our regulations changes, you are not required to send us your passport information any more from July 2015.
Please disregard this requirement indicated in the order confirmation if it has been sent to you.
We are now in the process of revising this content.

The rental fees are paid at the time the application is submitted.
Only credit card is acceptable for the payment.
The rental phone is delivered anyplace in Japan as designated by the customer.
* You can pick up a rental phone at your hotel, ▶ airport counters, or other places designated by you.
You can return the rental phone by dropping it into a mailbox anywhere in Japan.
Please make sure that you will turn off the rental cell phone on the final day of your rental period. If you use (send/receive e-mails or make/receive calls) after the final day, you will need to pay late fee JPY1,000 per 1 day.
Pouch into envelope
We deliver an orange return envelope with a device. When you return, please put the device into the envelope and drop into a mail box (anywhere in Japan) by final rental date. Mailboxes are located at convenience-stores, airports and the roadside .
≪Stamp is not necessary.≫
Charges for calls, packets, and extended rental periods are paid.
* After the notification of call charges from our company, settlement shall be made by credit card.

Skype ID:pupuru_international
Inquiry on Skype
Available 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m.
(Japan time)
We are closed on
Saturdays and Sundays
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rental wifi japan pupuru's blog